Best Turtle Food

The Best Turtle Food 2020

Turtle food can have a profound effect on a turtle’s health and growth. This is because turtle food can have high levels of protein and calcium for their development. The best turtle food is the Tetra Reptomin, as it contains a specifically developed formula that has high levels of Vitamin C and Calcium, for bone […]

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Best Floating Aquarium Plants

The Best Floating Aquarium Plants For Beginners

Floating aquarium plants are a exceptional attribute to include into any aquarium. These plants do not require to be attached to the base or substrate of the aquarium, plus they come in variable sizes and shapes, and can be over a foot in length. Many of these floating aquarium plants are more suited towards Betta […]

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Koi Fish Species

A Beginners Guide To Koi Fish Species

Koi fish species scientifically speaking, are species of a Carp. However, is often referred to as “Nishiki Koi”, which is Japanese for Brocaded Carp. Although outwardly very similar in body form to Common Goldfish, Koi grow much large and have a single barbel at each corner of the mouth. Koi have traditionally been cultured to […]

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Best Aquarium Test Kit

The Best Aquarium Test Kit 2020

An aquarium test kit is an essential tool, as it can be used to test water parameters and keep track of levels of elements. By knowing this it’ll help you maintain a clean and safe aquarium for your fish and other aquatic inhabitants. The best aquarium test kit is the API Freshwater Aquarium Test Kit, […]

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Best Turtle Basking Platform

The Best Turtle Basking Platform 2020

Finding a turtle basking platform can make your turtle much more comfortable in their habitat, as it allows them to bask. Basking is important as they need to absorb UVA and UVB light for production of Vitamin D3, which helps for shell and bone development. The best turtle basking platform is the Penn Plax Reptology […]

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Best Automatic Turtle Feeder

The Best Automatic Turtle Feeder 2020

Looking for an automatic turtle feeder can be a huge convenience, as they can ensure your turtles can be fed at fixed times and with exact amounts that are suitable for them. The best automatic turtle feeder is the Eheim Turtle Feeder, as it has a user-friendly digital programming screen for setting feeding times and […]

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Best Plant For Turtle Tank

The Best Live Plants For Turtle Tanks 2020

Live plants for turtle tanks are hugely beneficial for a turtles health and well-being. Fake plants can make a turtles tank look aesthetically pleasing, although for the turtles sake they do not completely replicate their environment that they originate from. Turtles greatly love live plants, as they love eating them. Moreover it makes their tank […]

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Best Turtle Tank Substrate

The Best Turtle Tank Substrate 2020

The perfect turtle tank substrate will flourish a turtle tank, as they contain elements that boost development of the tank, as well as replicating their original habitat. The best turtle tank substrate is the Exo Terra Turtle Pebbles, as they contain smooth rocks and pebbles, that replicate a turtle’s natural river bed environment. In this […]

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Best Aquarium Filter Media

The Best Aquarium Filter Media 2020

Searching for the best aquarium filter media can be challenging, as they have such a profound effect on your aquarium’s development and health. Without filter media, aquariums would be dirty and breed harmful bacteria. The best aquarium filter media is the MarineLand Diamond, as its innovative formula uses activated Carbon to remove various forms of […]

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Best Koi Food

The Best Koi Food For Color, Health & Growth 2020

Finding the best Koi food can make a huge difference when its comes to your Koi’s health, growth and optimum color enhancement. They tend to contain large amounts of Krill and Spirulina for protein, to boost development The best Koi Food is the TetraPond Vibrance, as it contains a surplus amount of vitamins such as […]

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Best UV Sterilizer For Aquariums

The Best UV Sterilizer For Aquariums 2020

A UV sterilizer is a practical approach to eliminating microscopic waste that will be floating amongst the water. It’s able to eliminate bacteria through the use of a UV light bulb. The best UV sterilizer on the market is the AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine, as it has a wide disinfecting wavelength range and a […]

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Protein Skimmer Filtration System

How Does A Protein Skimmer Work?

A protein skimmer is a fantastic alternative supplemental filtration device that is essential for effective freshwater and saltwater aquariums. In addition to that, they are successful at removing protein and other organic matter, this in return helps maintain a healthy habitat. Moreover a protein skimmer can assist your primary filter in having better performance, as […]

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Best Protein Skimmer

The Best Protein Skimmer For Aquariums 2020

A protein skimmer is an effective filter that removes protein and other unwanted organic matter, also they maintain low nitrate levels by holding back nitrate build-up. The best protein skimmer for aquariums is the Tunze DOC Skimmer, as it provides a high flow rate output, exceptional performance and the best silencing feature. Below is a […]

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Do Goldfish Sleep

How Do Goldfish Sleep?

So the big question we always wonder is, how do Goldfish sleep? This is interesting as you’ll notice that your Goldfish always seem to be active when you’re observing them. However in this article I will go into detail on their sleep, sleeping patterns and how you can help them with sleeping Do Fish Sleep? […]

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Best Sponge Filter

The Best Sponge Filter 2020

A sponge filter is an effective tool, that has a permeable sponge material and an air tube that provides mechanical and biological filtration. Sponge filters aid in healthy bacteria to develop that are suitable for Betta fish and Shrimp. The best sponge filter is the Aquaneat Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter, as it provides the most […]

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Best Cichlid Food

The Best Cichlid Food 2020

Cichlid food is an important factor in your fishes health, growth and development. Getting suitable food can give your Cichlids healthy color and resistance against disease. The best Cichlid food is the TetraCichlid Flakes, as it provides an impressive formula make up of Biotin, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins and Immune System Boosters. Below is an […]

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Best Self Cleaning Fish Tank

The Best Self Cleaning Fish Tank 2020

A self cleaning fish tank can be a practical addition to your home for aesthetic or education purposes, as it requires little effort in regards to cleaning and maintenance. The best self cleaning fish tank is the biOrb Flow, as it has a five stage built in filtration system and a futuristic LED lighting system […]

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Best CO2 Diffusers for Aquariums

The Best CO2 Diffuser for Aquariums 2020

A CO2 diffuser is becoming ever more important as aquarium plants absorb Carbon Dioxide and release Oxygen into the water. This is important as the plants need a constant cycle of this to grow and thrive, which will also keep other inhabitants happy. The best CO2 diffuser is the Fibst CO2 Diffuser, as it has […]

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Best Reef Salt Mix

The Best Reef Salt Mix For Reef Aquariums 2020

Water and salt are essential foundations to your saltwater habitat. Reef environments are fragile, which means creating the suitable salt mix is essential for reef development. The best reef salt mix is the Instant Ocean Reef Crystals, as it provides an extra formulation of a reef salt mix that’s progressive for growth and healthiness of […]

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Best UVB Light For Turtles

The Best UVB Light For Turtles 2020

UVB light for turtles is essential as they need it for thermoregulation, which is when turtles rely on heat from outside light sources to maintain a constant body temperature. The best UVB light for turtles is the Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle UVB Light Kit. This is because it has a polished Aluminium dome that increases […]

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Best Turtle Tank Heater

The Best Turtle Tank Heater 2020

After a brief period of researching you should know how important an environment is, especially its temperature and its effect on the turtles health. A way to combat this is through a turtle tank heater. The best turtle tank heater is the Cobalt Aquatics Heater. This is because its sleek, yet an effective 200 Watt […]

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Best Turtle Tank

The Best Turtle Tank 2020

Turtles can be a amazing and adorable pets to keep, finding the perfect turtle tank can provide your turtles with the ideal environment and space to keep them happy. The best turtle tank is the Tetra Turtle Glass Kit, as it provides your turtle with two heat lamps incorporated into design as well as having […]

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Best Substrate for Planted Tank

The Best Substrate For Planted Tank 2020

Finding a perfect substrate for planted tank can make a huge difference on the health and well-being of your aquarium’s inhabitants and plant species. The best substrate for planted tank is the Carib Sea Eco Aquarium Substrate, as it offers a new formula for enhanced root development due to its super-nutrients. Below is an article […]

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Best LED Lights For Reef Tanks

The Best LED Lights For Reef Tanks 2020

LED lights for reef tanks are key bits of gear as they provide a better aesthetic appeal to the tank as well as ensuring that your inhabitants have suitable lighting for growth and to thrive. The best LED lights for reef tanks is the Current Orbit Marine LED Lights. This is down to its high […]

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Best Filter For Turtle Tanks

The Best Filter For Turtle Tanks 2020

Filter for turtle tanks are essential in maintaining a clean and healthy environment. A filter with a great flow rate ensures filtration is effective and does not bother the turtle. The best filter for turtle tanks is the Penn Plax Cascade Canister, this is because it has a high flow rate at 350 gallons and […]

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Best Low Light Aquarium Plants

The Top 10 Best Low Light Aquarium Plants

Whether you are new or an experienced aquariums hobbyist, you’ll be aware that all plants for your aquariums require light from either a lamp or natural sunlight to thrive and grow. However not all plants have the same lighting requirements, as some need more than other, in comparison  to some that do not need as […]

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Best Aquarium Algae Eater

The Best Algae Eaters For Freshwater Aquariums 2020

Algae eaters fish have been an important area of aquarium keeping hobbyists for keeping a healthy and natural environment that we are all trying to create for our inhabitants. Because of their effectiveness at removing algae, along with their exotic attributes, they can make excellent inhabitants to your aquarium. In this article we will cover […]

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Best Aquarium Stand

The Best Aquarium Stand 2020

An aquarium stand is a vital part of when building an aquarium setup, as it can be practical in terms of storage of equipment. Stands for aquariums tend to be constructed from steel,  particle board (MDF) & Plywood for durability. The best aquarium stand is the Coralife BioCube Aquarium Stand. This is due to practical […]

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Best Aquarium Heater

The Best Aquarium Heater 2020

An aquarium heater is a vital tool for a tropical fish aquarium. This is because they’re able to raise the temperature and maintain your water tank temperature safely. The best aquarium heater is the Cobalt Aquatics Heater. This is because of its range of power options, its sleek and shatterproof design to suit any aquatic […]

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Best Betta Fish Tank

The Best Betta Tank 2020

A Betta Tank is a relatively small fish tank when in comparison to a regular freshwater or tropical tank. This is because Betta’s originate from South-East Asia, where they live in shallow waters and streams The best Betta Tank is the MarineLand Portrait Aquarium Kit. This is due to its sleek glass canopy that enables […]

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