About Us

TheAquaGuru.com started in the early part of the year of 2020 as a small aquarium hobbyists orientated blog that has grown into a small community hub of fish and turtle keepers alike. Aquarium keepers now have a reliable resource on the web to use as a method to guide them to the suitable choices for products or helpful guides from aquarium keepers around the world.

Unlike a large majority of the generic aquarium resources online, TheAquaGuru.com I aimed to provide the most up-to-date content from enthusiasts with experience and passion. TheAquaGuru.com is gradually gravitating towards becoming the more prominent in the aquatic community among hobbyists making it become a more house hold name in the aquatic community.

About TheAquaGuru.com

The website began at the start of the new year in 2020, but now has become a world-wide reputable online brand, with the main goal of providing aquatic hobbyists of all ranges opinions on all aquatic products that can be bought online and to additionally spread knowledge through online guides.

More About The Team

TheAquaGuru.com is developed, updated and looked after by numerous enthusiasts that provide independent reviews and comments on various aquatic related products that are readily available to purchase online.

TheAquaGuru.com is not sponsored by businesses and we do not accept guest posts. All the content that is on the website is produced from our expert group of aquatic hobbyists. As well as our product reviews, we on top of that create helpful guides, tutorials, tips and latest aquatic new which are all added to TheAquaGuru.com. The majority of the audience is located within the USA, but the content is aimed to be targeted globally.

Opposed to other aquatic online resources, we attempt to test all of the products that are listed of the website. We do have different ranges of aquatic hobbyists in our team, which include turtle and fish keepers in our team to ensure the content we produce is the best opinions from different areas and aspects to test the products.

Our Mission

At TheAquaGuru.com, we aim to discuss many topics around aquatics, such as fish and turtle aquarium keeping. Our team has the expert knowledge that allows us to provide informative product reviews that are helpful for other hobbyists alike.

Our guides aim to provide simple solutions to many common problems whether they are troublesome or rare issues that you have with aquatic products or experience. If you feel as the website is not featuring particular content in an area, please feel free to get in touch and contact us as we are open to ideas to achieve our goal of becoming the #1 resource for all aquarium keepers out there.