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Best Betta Fish Tank

The Best Betta Tank 2020

A Betta Tank is a relatively small fish tank when in comparison to a regular freshwater or tropical tank. This is because Betta’s originate from South-East Asia, where they live in shallow waters and streams

The best Betta Tank is the MarineLand Portrait Aquarium Kit. This is due to its sleek glass canopy that enables viewing from all angles, with an inclusive 3-stage filter.

Below is a article on the best betta tanks available to purchase online today. These are suitable for desktops and side tables in your home. Factors that you should check before purchasing are its sizes and dimensions to ensure that it fits into your allocated space.

Betta Tank Comparison

Betta TankSize (Gallons)LED Lighting Included
MarineLand Portrait5.0Yes
Aqueon Fish Tank10.0Yes
biOrb Halo15.0Yes
Fluval Edge6.0Yes
Hagen HG15.0No
MarineLand Contour3.0 & 5.0Yes

Whilst searching for the ideal tank for your betta fish, you should also consider whether it comes in a kit. This is because the kit would be inclusive of LED lighting and a filter, so there less need for you to buy additional products.

Moreover, check out its shape or whether its canopy is transparent for viewing purposes.

Down below is the best betta tanks available for purchase today.

The Best Betta Tank

1. MarineLand Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit

The best betta tank for your betta fish is the MarineLand Potrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit. This can be due to its sleek design, which has rounded corners and clear glass canopy to allow viewing from various angles.

In terms of features, the MarineLand Aquarium has:

  • Size: 5 gallons
  • Bright white LEDs to create a shimmering sunlight effect.
  • Advanced 3-stage hidden filtration system for enhanced viewing
  • Blue LED’s produce moonlit glow.
  • Switch to toggle between LED lighting.

Overall this is the best tank for your betta fish as it has an excellent 3-stage hidden filtration kit, with bio-foam and an adjustable flow filter pump for less maintenance in the long run in terms of cleaning

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2. Aqueon Fish Tank Betta Tank LED Kit

The best new-starter betta fish tank is the Aqueon fish tank. This is because the boxed fish tank kit offers a complete habitat with vibrant energy saving LED lighting from a low-profile hood.

In terms of features, the Aquaeon fish tank has:

  • Size: 10 gallons
  • Energy saving low-profile hood for white illumination.
  • Complete guide included to walk through proper setup.
  • QuietFlow LED PRO power filter.
  • Preset heater will keep your aquarium temperature at a constant 78 degrees.

Overall this is the perfect tank for a new-starter as its features a complete guide, along with the entire kit for you in one package! So no need to stress about missing bits of gear.

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3. biOrb Halo 15 Aquarium with MCR Lighting

The best sphere betta tank is for your betta fish is the biOrb Halo, which comes with MCR lighting. This is because it is constructed from Acrylic, which is actually 10 times stronger than the regular glass construction but even lighter.

Other features of the biOrb include:

  • Size: 4/8/16 gallons
  • Hidden waterline creates a visually seamless aquarium.
  • Five stage filtration.
  • Led lighting that can be remotely controlled.
  • Lights and air pump are low voltage.

Ultimately you will not find a better sphere betta fish tank than the biOrb Halo as it is a user-friendly tank that makes maintenance extremely easy with its five-stage filtration of biological, mechanical, chemical, water stabilization and oxygenation that ensure your betta fish are kept happy!

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4. Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit

The best budget betta tank for those who are on tight on cash but want the best value for money is the Tertra Crescent aquarium. This can be down to a multitude of factors like Tetra Whisper internal filter with a medium Bio-Bag.

Other features of the Tertra Crescent include:

  • Size: 5 gallons
  • Tetra Whisper Internal Power Filter to keep your tank clean.
  • Energy-efficient LED lights are hidden inside.
  • User-friendly and practical setup.
  • Curved-front crescent-shaped aquarium kit.

Ultimately if you’re new to keeping betta fish and are looking for a cheap new starter kit, then the best budget one out there is the Tertra Crescent which is a recognised brand of over 50 years in the aquarium market.

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5. Fluval Edge Betta Tank with LED Light

The best premium betta fish tank is the Fluval Edge. This can be down to a numerous amount of factors such as its innovative edge that provides a powerful and efficient 3 stage filter which remains completely hidden.

Other features of the Fluval Edge include:

  • Size: 5 gallons
  • Powerful bright white 7600K high liuminosity LED’s
  • Filtration and Wiring is easily hidden away in the decorative column
  • ideal for countertops, desks and tabletops.
  • quiet pump inside the filter circulates the water

Overall the best premium tank for your betta fish, that’ll impress your friends by a long way the Fluval Edge as it’s innovative design and construction separates it from the rest of the market astonishingly.

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6. Hagen HG Fluval Flex Betta Tank

The best big betta tank is the Hagen HG Fluval Flex Aquarium. This can be down to its plenty of room for lots of decorations, plants and perhaps some other community fish to live with your Betta.

Other features of the Hagen HG include:

  • Size: 15 gallons
  • Amazingly quiet filter.
  • Fully integrated lid, lights and filter design.
  • Powerful 3-stage filtration is included with oversized mechanical (foam), chemical (carbon), and biological (BioMax) media.
  • multi-directional 132 GPH dual outputs allow customized water flow, All hidden nicely in the rear compartment

Another big bonus of choosing the Hagen HG FLuval Flex tank is that it has color blends and the special effects options, all controlled from your included flexpad remote control.

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7. MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light

The best table-top betta tank for betta fish is the MarineLand Contour as it provides an impressive arsenal of attributes such as its Activated carbon inside filter cartridge removes odors, discolorations, and impurities.

Other features of the MarineLand include:

  • Size: 5 gallons
  • Rounded corner with clear glass canopy for viewing
  • Hinged LED light rail create shimmering light that mimics the natural underwater effect of sunlight
  • Marineland brand is the world’s leading brand of innovative equipment and environments
  • professional’s choice for commercial display systems and scientific research.

Overall the MarineLand Contour is the ultimate table-top betta tank for any room in the home or at an office, as the brand is world-wide recognised even by those who use these tanks for scientific research!

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Overall, knowing what the perfect tank is for your Betta fish is relative to your needs.  This is because there are many variable factors such as design, price range, brand and quality of equipment.

Realistically you should have a good frame of reference in terms of what size you require for your Betta tank. But , you should definitely aim to have at least 5 gallons in order to keep a happy aquarium full of fish.

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