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Best Cichlid Food

The Best Cichlid Food 2020

Cichlid food is an important factor in your fishes health, growth and development. Getting suitable food can give your Cichlids healthy color and resistance against disease.

The best Cichlid food is the TetraCichlid Flakes, as it provides an impressive formula make up of Biotin, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins and Immune System Boosters.

Below is an article based on the best Cichlid fish foods. These are suitable for a variety of Cichlids and for different dietary requirements for healthy growth.

Cichlid Food Comparison

Cichlid Food Food TypeAmount
TetraCichlid Flakes1.75 LBS
Omega One Pellets13.5 LBS
Hikari Pellets0.55 LBS
New Life Spectrum Pellets0.55 LBS
AqueonPellets1.5 LBS
TetraCichlid Crisps Flakes0.55 LBS
Zoo Med Flakes0.25 LBS
Fluval Bug BitesPellets0.09 LBS

When on the search for the most suitable food for your Cichlids, there are some aspects that you should check before buying. These aspects include if your Cichlids need enhanced protein nutrients or more vitamins for better color.

Moreover, the type of food might be important for you as flake foods will make your water less cloudy. Alternatively pellet foods will sink for lower swimming Cichlids.

Below is an article on the best Cichlid foods to available to buy today.

The Best Cichlid Foods

1. TetraCichlid Balanced Diet Flakes Food for Cichlids

The best Cichlid fish food is the TetraCichlid Diet Flakes. This is due to their formulation that contains a blend of Biotin, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins and Fish Immune System Boosters. These will help your Cichlid fishes to develop and grow greatly, also they will be able to fight against any infection or disease with a better success rate.

In addition to those benefits, the TetraCichlid Diet Flakes will be able to enhance and develop the color of your Cichlid fishes because of its rich vitamin and nutrient formula mix.

In terms of features of the TetraCichlid Diet Flakes, they include:

  • Food Type: Flakes
  • Container Size: 1.5 Oz – 1.75 LBS
  • Contains Biotin for improved metabolism.
  • Will not cloud water when used as directed.
  • Helps support fish’s immune system for optimal health and long life.

Ultimately the TetraCichlid Diet Flakes are the best Cichlid fish food by a long shot, as no other rival on the market can provide the same formula that Cichlid fishes need for a nutritionally balanced diet for optimal health, color and vitality which will support a long life.

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2. Omega One Super Color Cichlid Food 

If you’re looking for the best Cichlid fish food that is a good all rounder for carnivores and omnivores, then a suitable candidate would be the Omega One Super Color Food. This is because their blended mix contains a range of fresh seafoods, Kelp and Spirulina for the natural habitat dietary requirements of Cichlids.

In addition to that, the Omega One Super Color Food are actually naturally insoluble. This means that it will reduce water pollution as they have a lighter starch make up which in return reduces Cichlid fish waste.

Other features of the Omega One Super Color Food, they include:

  • Food Type: Pellets
  • Container Size: 4.2 Oz – 13.5 LBS
  • Contains high-levels of quality proteins.
  • Omega-3 & Omega-6 to assist their immune systems.
  • Pellets sink which is ideal for the middle-bottom level feeders

Ultimately the Omega One Super Color Food Pellets are perfect Cichlid food, as it is able to provide an all good balanced diet for carnivores and omnivores. Factors such as its formula mix with a variety of fresh seafood’s make it closer to regular food that Cichlid’s would eat in their natural habitat.

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3. Hikari Cichlid Food

The best Cichlid fish food for better natural color of your fish is the Hikari Fish Food. This can be down to its pellet formula involving Beta Carotene and NS Germ which is beneficial for exceptional natural colors and promotes long-life.

Features of the Hikari Cichlid Food include:

  • Food Type: Pellets
  • Container Size: 0.4 Oz – 8.8 Oz
  • Has stabilized Vitamin C & E.
  • Better for Jack Dempseys or Flowerhorns Cichlids.
  • Includes MSG and garlic for abetter flavor.

Overall if you’re searching for a fish food that’ll keep your Cichlids healthy and enhance their flavour, then the Hikari is by far the best option for you! Factors such as its pro-biotics help with digestion and metabolism, plus its formula reduces cloudiness in your water greatly.

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4. New Life Spectrum Cichlid Food Formula

If you have African Cichlids, then the New Life Spectrum Cichlid Formula may be the most suitable pellets on the market for your fishes! This is because they have a new extreme color enhancements and natural ingredients to boost the health and well-being if your Cichlids.

Moreover they are rich in plant-based nutrients such as algae, seaweed and kelp which are exceptional color enhancers. Plus due tho them being sinking pellets, they’re able to sink to the bottom of your aquarium for Cichlid species that eat off the bottom of the floor.

Other features of the New Life Spectrum Cichlid Formula, they include:

  • Food Type: Pellets
  • Container Size: 250 Grams
  • Rich in plant-based nutrients.
  • High-quality easily digestible South Antarctic Krill, Herring, Squid, and New Zealand Mussel.
  • Thera-A formulas contain dose natural anti-parasitic ingredient.
Overall if you have African Cichlids then the New Life Spectrum Formula is the ideal candidate for their food. Properties in its formula such as its plant-based nutrients, make it exceptional at providing a nutritious and balanced diet for their development.

5. Aqueon Cichlid Food Pellets

A great brand of Cichlid food is Aqueon, as their Aqueon food is a great slow sinking pellets that allows for low swimmers to feed. In addition to that the Aqueon Cichlid food pellets have included ingredients chili powder and marigold powder, help to naturally enhance colors in your fish.

In terms of features of the Aqueon Cichlid Fish Pellets, they include:

  • Food Type: Pellets
  • Container Size: 4 Oz – 25 Oz
  • No artificial colors added to these fish pellets.
  • Pigmented ingredients in the formula, such as chili powder & marigold powder.
  •  Pellets do not break up easily, meaning less cloudy water.

Overall these are great pellets for Cichlids as they provide you with an excellent balance of important nutrients and vitamins for amazing health and development.

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6. TetraCichlid Cichlid Crisps Advanced Clear Water Formula

The best budget Cichlid food that provides you with the best value for money is the TetraCichlid Crisps Advanced Clear Water Formula. This can be due to it ability of reducing waste up to 35% when compared to competing brands, making the water more clearer for healthier fish.

In terms of features of the TetraCichlid Crisps Advanced Clear Water Formula, they include:

  • Food Type: Flakes
  • Container Size: 3.28 Oz – 8.82 Oz
  • Will not cloud water when used as directed.
  • Green is concentrated algae extract.
  • Beige contains dried krill and shrimp.

Ultimately the TetraCichlid provides excellent value for money as a Cichlid food. Factors such as its nutritious balance allow for enhanced growth and development of your Cichlid fishes.

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7. Zoo Med Royal Pet Supplies

A great all-rounder Cichlid food is the Zoo Med Royal Pet Supplies. This is due to its balanced formula that incorporates Gamma-Linolenic acid which has anti-inflammatory effects and exceptional fatty acids for your fishes health and well-being.

Other features of the Zoo Med Royal Pet Supplies, they include:

  • Food Type: Flakes
  • Container Size: 2 Oz – 4 Oz
  • Rich in protein as its Salmon based.
  • Flakes are 20% spirulina which is a excellent color enhancer
  • Contains major vitamins: A1, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E.

Overall the Zoo Med’s Cichlid flakes are one of the most well-balanced ones on the market, as it contains Spiulina which are blue-green plant plankton rich in raw protein.

Moreover the Spirulina improves egg production and hatching rates, stimulates the reproductive processes. Also it has shown that Spiruline improves growth, maturity, energetic behavior.

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8. Fluval Bug Bites Granules Cichlid Food

If your Cichlids are fairly active, then the Fluval Bug Bites Granules are probably the most suitable food for them. This is down to its primary ingredient being Black Solider Fly Larvaes which are very rich in nutrients.

Additionally to that they it area rich in protein as they contain Salmon, that is also very rich in Omega 3 and 6 which means better growth and development.

Other features of the Fluval Bug Bites Granules, they include:

  • Food Type: Pellets
  • Container Size: 1.5 Oz
  • Contains Black Soldier Fly Larvae, which is rich in nutrients.
  • Slow-sinking so your fish can eat them at the bottom of the tank.
  • Built with essential vitamins, amino acids & minerals.

Ultimately the Fluval Bug Bites Granules make for all round amazing nutritious food for your active Cichlids. Attributes such as  its multiple proteins make them great for a Cichlid’s skin, scales and fins.

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Overall finding the best Cichlid food can be difficult as many of them look very similar and share similar formulas for the development of your Cichlid’s health.

Although, if you read this article you’ll see that a specific type of food will fore-fill your Cichlid’s preferences. Some offer better nutrients for color and others offer better protein for growth and development.

The recommendations that are mentioned in this article cover many different price ranges and different Cichlid species preferences.

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